It's not every day your team is graced with sporting royalty, but this year we really did hit the jackpot! Kiwi legend and Double Women's Motocross World Champion Courtney Duncan has joined the Muc-Off Moto squad this year and we are absolutely PUMPED to have her on board. 

She's been riding a motorbike since the age of 7 and has done nothing but made a name for herself since then. Whipping her way onto the scene in the 2016 World Championship, she dominated the class - winning more races than any other rider that year, which is a huge achievement by anyone's standards, but it wasn't enough for her. In 2019 she took her first WMX World Championship after winning 9 out of ten races, followed quickly with a second World Championship in 2020. Officially the fastest female motocross rider in the world, we think this is only the beginning... and we can't wait to see what she does next!

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