Frog Bikes Clean and Lube Kit

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The easy way to get kids interested in looking after their bikes. This handy kit has everything they need to maintain their steeds all year round. Read more

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  • kids cleaning bundle
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We’ve teamed up with iconic British children’s bike brand, Frog Bikes to put together a kit so little ones can keep their steeds looking sharp, clean and protected.


  • Suitable for all types of bike
  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner breaks down dirt & grime
  • Bio Dry Lube helps to provide silky smooth gear shifts
  • Description

    Want to get your kids interested in working on their bikes? Or just want a hand to keep them running whatever the weather? Introducing the Muc-Off Frog Clean & Lube Kit.

    We’ve teamed up with iconic British children’s bike brand, Frog Bikes. To put together a kit so little ones can keep their steeds looking sharp, clean and protected.

    Inside they’ll find everything they need to do just that. With our flagship Nano Tech Bike Cleaner and Expanding Microcell Sponge they’ll be able to easily wash off the toughest mud and grime. Then, once it’s all clean there’s our Bio Dry Lube to keep their chain running smooth and rust-free. It’s all wrapped up in a Drawstring Carry Bag, with a few Muc-Off and Frog stickers thrown in for good measure. Giving them everything they need to maintain their pride and joy.


    WARNING: Causes serious eye irritation. Adult supervision required.


    Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

    • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fibre
    • Will not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors
    • Safe on anodised metal
    • Alkaline based and free from CFCs, solvents or acids
    • Nano Tech Formula cleans on a molecular level

    Expanding Microcell Sponge

    • Compact
    • Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and ease of use
    • Vacuum packed

    Bio Dry Weather Lube

    • Ensures silky smooth gear shifts
    • Reduces friction and energy consumption
    • Repels water for chain and component protection
    • Excels in wet, muddy riding conditions
    • Extreme pressure additives for increased efficiency
    • Vegetable oil based formula for eco protection
    • *Biodegradable
    • Pipette system for easy application
    • Can be applied to chain, shifters, cables and derailleurs
    • Ideal for MTB, Road and Cyclocross
  • HOW TO

    Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

    1. Rinse bike thoroughly before applying Nano Tech Bike Cleaner.
    2. Spray Nano Tech Bike Cleaner onto the entire bike including components and leave for 3-5 minutes.
    3. Agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge.
    4. Rinse entire bike thoroughly with fresh, clean water.

    Bio Dry Weather Lube

    1. Shake well before use and use at room temperature.
    2. Clean drive train thoroughly before wet chain lube application.
    3. Ensure drive train area is dry.
    4. Spray a moderate amount of Muc-Off Dry Weather Lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion.
    5. Wipe of any excess with a cloth. For optimum performance leave to soak in overnight

    Project Green is our never-ending commitment to deliver a multitude of environmentally-focussed improvements across our business. We love the planet we ride on, it’s our playground, and we’re driven to protect it for everyone.

    This product has a Project Green credential; meaning that it’s either biodegradable, refillable, reusable, or all three!


    • 1L Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
    • Bio Dry Lube 50ml
    • Expanding Microcell Sponge
    • 3x Muc-Off Stickers
    • 2x Frog Stickers
    • 1x Drawstring Carry Bag
  • Reviews


    Nano Tech Bike Cleaner breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels.

  • silky smooth gear shifts

    Bio Dry Lube is ideal for reducing chain friction and ensuring silky smooth gear shifts.