We’re back with another edition. This time we’re checking in with two legends from EF Education - EasyPost, Michele Premaro and Fred Bassey, as they take us through their top tips and magic Muc-Off products – let’s go!


Which Muc-Off products are vital for you on race day?

Michele Premaro: The Muc-Off products vital for my race days start with the Mechanic Gloves. Putting them on is the first thing I do, before I even open up the door to the truck to start pumping tyres and loading race bikes onto the cars to go to the start of the day's racing. The gloves are super protective, but thin enough that you're still able to feel little parts and not lose the important touch that you’re used to with bare skin.

Fred Bassey: The chain lubes! For a race like Strade Bianche, where this year's race was dry and dusty, we used the But nowadays, we’re all in on the new Ludicrous AF Lube.

What Muc-Off products could you not live without? 

Michele Premaro: The Muc-off products that I could not live without are definitely the Mechanic Gloves!

Fred Bassey: For me the Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is an essential product. There’s no point using the best lube around if the drivetrain isn’t clean to begin with!

Are there any Muc-Off products which have stood out in the range for your needs and why? 

Michele Premaro: The lubes and cleaning products! There is nothing worse than a rider complaining of a noisy chain or gears not shifting properly because of poor lubes! Also, the cleaning products, because the bike must have that brand new look each time, whether just after a Roubaix or Milan San Remo 300km race! Both types of products stand out to me because it makes my job a lot easier!

Fred Bassey: Bike Protect! We can’t have rusty bolts or parts, so it’s super useful to be able to wash the bike, then spray it down with Bike Protect and know you’re covered from corrosion.

Do you have any quick product hacks using Muc-Off you could share with us? 

Michele Premaro: Using any of the Muc-Off products from the range feels like a hack! They’re that good!

Fred Bassey: (Don’t try this one at home folks). We spray the disc brake rotors and light them on fire to get rid of any dust, oil or moisture after a rainy day. It helps silence the squeal too!

So there you have it, some tops tips from some of the best mechanics in the biz. Check back in soon for another edition of Meet The Mechanics!