Why Is Layering Important?

Some people love it, some people hate it, but cold and wet weather is common across large parts of the globe, particularly in our home nation of the UK!

On any given day, shredding the trails or hitting up the gravel, you can go from warm sun to high winds and even snow. Layering is the best option to keep one step ahead of the weather.

But it’s not all about piling on as many layers as you can before heading out. You could actually make things worse with sweat and overheating during that ride and be cold by the end. Here are some quick tips on layering with our Technical Apparel.

Upper Body Layering With Technical Apparel

Base Layer & Outer Wear

The Riders Jersey is a super versatile number that does more than you’d think.

As a jersey by itself, it looks awesome, and on warmer days you can wear it on its own. The material provides sweat-wicking properties that keep you cool and dry. Also, the tough fabric can protect you from nasty grazes during a crash.

When worn with the Jacket or the Gilet, it can be a great base layer to transfer sweat away from your body, to stop you freezing on the next descent or snack stop.

Mid Layer

Our insulated Gilet is key to regulating your body temperature over the course of a long ride.

Worn over the jersey, this can keep you warm and cosy for those slightly chilly starts in the morning, or that run into a dark valley that has yet to see the sun. the Gilet is easily packed away in its bag ready for the next stop.

Worn together with the Riders Jersey and Technical Jacket, you have the ultimate “no excuses” kit to get out there and ride – no matter how harsh the weather is. The Gilet loops into the jacket using our M.O.A.S (Muc-Off Anchoring System) loops, providing a secure fit with a no hassle removal.

Outer Layer

The Technical Riders Jacket is the barrier against the conditions. A premium jacket built to take on the elements, it has all you need to keep you dry no matter how gnarly things get out there.

This can be worn on warmer, wet days over just a jersey. The pit zips provide venting to keep you cool, whilst the three layers of waterproof and breathable material will help with the rest.

On colder days where you have all types of weather hitting you, the gilet can be fastened inside using M.O.A.S. to provide an extra warm, insulating layer.

Other Layering options for MTB and gravel

Fortunately, it is not just the upper body that we can help protect, we also have options to help work with your lower body, hands and feet!

Lower Layering

Our Technical Shorts use the same proprietary M.O.D. 94 waterproof fabric as the technical jacket, providing an effective barrier against the elements, while also making you look extra pro!

Our Technical Riders Socks are the absolute business. These puppies put up with a lot of abuse through their long-lasting material, while still being so damn comfy. The contoured compression supports your feet and promotes circulation, and the sculpted fit helps reduce rubbing – so no more blisters!

What else?

Look no further than our range of gloves. Suitable for anything with handlebars, the pre-curved fit prevents bunching, and the silicon palm prevents slipping on the grips. If you’ve got to use your phone on the ride, we’ve put some tech thread in the fingers which works with touchscreens!

So that’s it. You’ve got all the info you need to layer it up and stay warm and dry no matter what the weather. Now all that’s left to do is bag yourself some Technical Apparel, then get out and put those shred threads to the test!