Our tubeless sealant is more than just an epic puncture saver, it’s also so eco-friendly that it can actually help offset the environmental impact of bike tyres. 
At the core of our philosophy lies Project Green, our initiative that has successfully reduced plastic usage by over 200 tonnes in the past three years.

We are committed to protecting the world we ride in and creating products that excel in performance while leaving a lasting positive impression. That's why we partnered with Intertek, a renowned Total Quality Assurance provider, to conduct a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis of our Tubeless Sealant. 

If you're hungry for the nitty-gritty details, dive into the full report here. But here's the exciting news: Muc-Off Tubeless Sealant is not only carbon-neutral, but it's carbon-positive. In simpler terms, the environmental benefits it delivers far outweigh its manufacturing impact—five times greater, in fact! And if you make the switch to our Tubeless Sealant from another brand, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 19%.  

So, what makes our sealant so eco-friendly? 

    • It’s made from recycled rubber crumb from tyres which diverts these from ending up in landfill.
    • We've also introduced refill formats in various sizes to minimize plastic waste.
    • It excels at sealing most tyre holes, extending their lifespan under the reliable protection of Muc-Off. 

A longer lasting sealant means reduced waste, and a reduced need to produce and ship new tyres out to customers, so by choosing Muc-Off, you're not only protecting your tyres but also doing your part in reducing the environmental impact of cycling. 

So, how much of an impact does this translate to?  

If one million bikes switched to using our Tubeless Sealant, the CO2 saving would be an estimated 820,000kgCO2 – That’s the equivalent of planting 40,000 trees! Or put another way, that’s the total CO2 produced by 150 cars travelling 10,000 miles per year. Imagine the positive impact on the environment if everyone switched to Muc-Off tyre sealant! 

Our tubeless sealant offers benefits for both you and the environment. With its proven carbon-positive impact and exceptional performance, it's an essential choice for any rider who cares about the health of their bike and the planet. Explore our range today and join us in reducing your carbon footprint with confidence.