Our freestyling friend from Nevada is the definition of gutsy. Falling off a bike is never fun, but the margin for error becomes non-existent when the bike is 40 feet in the air. Jones is an undeniable veteran within FMX. He has been competitively launching off a ramp since 2002 where he’s enjoyed his fair share of wins, including 6 X-Games medals. The longevity of his career is testament to his ability to pioneer and adapt to the game. This Rockstar invents as much as he does compete by bringing his own style and tricks, like the Cordova Flip- a move that is now a staple trick in FMX.

FMX takes traditional motorsport and turns it upside down. Laps turn into ramps; corners turn into backflips and circuits turn into arenas. Echoing the physical and professional demands of gymnastics, riders inject their own creativity into their routines with the hope of flexing the most daring, technical tricks possible. These competitors are daredevils with a large dash of elegance. FMX turns dirt and bikes into flowing choreographed masterpieces, which stretch the limits of vehicle and human ability.

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