We know how much bikes mean to their owners and eBikes are no exception! We’ve spent years tweaking our range of eBike products to make sure they’re the best of the best. From lubes to cleaners and even tools, there are lots of game-changing products.

How to clean your eBike



What you'll need:

Our legendary Nano Tech is perfectly safe for cleaning all surfaces on your eBike, breaking down dirt and grime at a molecular level. If you’re fortunate to be riding in dusty conditions our High-Performance Waterless Wash has you covered cleaning and polishing at the same time, you just need to wipe your bike down! Bio Drivetrain Cleaner can deep clean all drivetrains in seconds, this biodegradable formula works like nothing else on eBike drivetrains, so you’re ready to apply a fresh coating of lube. And our Bio Degreaser cuts through grease on any surface so all your eBike components can be grease-free and smooth AF.



What you'll need:

MO-94 is our ultimate multi-purpose wonder spray that can be used in a whole heap of ways to protect your eBike. It reduces friction and frees seized parts, while throwing down a long-lasting protective film that’ll reduce dirt adhesion. It drives out moisture from the deepest depths of your rig to help protect against corrosion.

Want some even tougher, longer-lasting protection? HCB-1 has your eBike covered. HCB-1 is the ultimate protection spray for your ride and is specifically designed to be effective in even the harshest of conditions. It’s safe to use on electrical components, paintwork and most rigid plastic trim. It dissolves existing rust so it’s ideal for use in winter when the weather is at its worst.


Depending on the conditions your riding in, you'll need one of the following:

Our lubes are all formulated to cope with the higher torque loads applied to an electric bike drivetrain, on and off-road. eBike Dry Weather Lube offers long-distance performance in dry and dusty conditions with its ceramic compound providing ultra-low friction and silky-smooth gear shifts, all while keeping dust away. Or there’s our eBike Wet Weather Lube that goes one step further, by being waterproof it excels in the sloppiest of conditions. Then the classic all-rounder, the eBike All Weather Lube has a high-performance synthetic formulation that provides maximum protection in all conditions.

We have a new essential tool for all eBike owners! As you’ll know cleaning and lubing your chain is tricky business as the crank doesn’t spin backwards like a regular bike unless it’s flipped upside down. But this can scratch components, or if you use an Allen key in your crank bolt it can get stuck in the bolt, or worse, damage your precious cranks! Our rad new eBike Drivetrain Tool contains three different sized tool bits, which snap into place with a magnetized connection, all wrapped up in a durable CNC machined 6061 aluminium body. It fits straight onto your chain ring, so you can spin your crank backwards.

That’s a quick lowdown on all our epic eBike products. Now all that’s left is to go shred and check out the full range here.