Straight outta the lab and onto the street. Remember Ice Cube's advice? Well, when it comes to bikes, "Wreckin’ Yo' Self" is the last thing you want. So, let's drop some knowledge, 90's hip-hop style, on how to armour up that weapon.

🎤 MO94: Versatile Vibes 🎤

MO94 in the house, versatility’s the game,
For your drivetrain and bolts, everything's in its lane.
Seizing ain't pleasing, so let MO flow,
Protecting it all, making your componentry glow.

💽 Bike Protect: Armour Anthem 💽

All over protection, that's Bike Protect's pace,
Dispersing water like a boss, keeping you in the race.
Every metal, carbon, frame, and chain,
Say goodnight to pain, come sun or rain.

🎶 Silicon Shine: Glossin’ & Bossin’ 🎶

Lay down the beat, Silicon Shine on the streets,
Making paint pop with a fresh glow that defeats.
Dirt can’t stick, suspension glides smooth,
Spray then play, I’m spittin’ the truth.

🔊 HCB1: Climate Kingpin 🔊

No matter the scene, rain, snow, and mean,
HCB1 attacks rust, to keep you running supreme.
12-month suit armour, with UV so you can check it
The Kingpin’s flow is too tough for you to wreck it.

A shout-out to the riders: Guard up, gear check, don’t neglect 🎤🔥