Choosing Your Muc-Off Sealant: Sorted!

Our range of tubeless sealants will get you back on your bike faster than you can scream “F**k Punctures!”. Whether you're shredding trails or taming the tarmac - Here’s how to choose the right one for you.


Calling all trail blazers and downhill warriors! Our MTB Sealant is tough as nails. With a formula that’s optimised to combat flats on gnarly off-road terrain, it plugs holes up to 6mm up to 80psi. With an operating temperature range of -20c – 50c and containing a UV dye to make those sneaky punctures easier to spot. This is the only MTB Sealant you’ll ever need!



 Designed specifically for road, gravel, XC, and commuting our Road & Gravel sealant is crafted with advanced synthetic latex and eco-friendly bamboo sealing particles to quickly seal punctures up to 7mm – up to 110psi! Get tough on punctures, not the environment with this game changing new Sealant.



Available sizes (MTB and Road & Gravel):

  • 80ml / 140ml Pouches (For top-ups and set-ups)
  • 500ml / 1L Bottles (For Refills)
  • 5L Bottle (For the Workshop)


Not running tubeless – No problem, we got you! Our Inner Tube Sealant is your ultimate shield to keep those tubes in check, sealing up to 4mm holes in a flash, plus, it’s compatible with Schrader and removable-core Presta valves. Whether you’re commuting, racing, touring with inner tubes, grab our Inner Tube Sealant for a smooth and uninterrupted ride.


Available sizes:

  • 300ml (For top-ups and set-ups)
  • 1l (For Refills)


Over to you - Choose your weapon and enjoy hassle-free riding no matter what the terrain or conditions throw at you. Because F**k Punctures!