Muc-Off, the Poole based bike care & performance specialists announce their collaboration with Conker Spirit, the Bournemouth based distillery, to provide much needed supplies of sanitiser to the local NHS and Police force.

Only 2 days ago, Muc-Off launched its bottle supply programme. The programme entails slowing production of core products in order to be able to redivert the bottles toward sanitiser producers who are facing bottle supply shortages due to the current high levels of demand globally.

After launching the programme on social media, calling for everyone to share so that the message could reach sanitiser manufacturers, the Bournemouth based distillery, Conker Spirit, got in touch. The distillery commenced production of their WHO – recommended sanitiser destined for the local NHS and Police force but were in urgent need of bottles. This afternoon, Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO, personally donated & delivered 300 x 5 litre bottles and pumps – usually used for tubeless tyre sealant - to the distillery so that the much needed sanitiser can reach the NHS and Dorset Police as soon as possible.

“We are stoked to be able to team up with Conker Spirit by donating our packaging to help the local fight back against Coronavirus as part of our bottle supply programme.” - Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO

“We are so delighted to be collaborating with Muc-Off on our Community Spirit Hand Sanitiser effort. Two Bournemouth Brands using our creative thinking and determination to help our local NHS and Police Force. We all need to come together to play a role in fighting back against Coronavirus.” - Rupert Holloway, Founder & Head Distiller, Conker Spirit

Muc-Off are innovating and adapting their range of sanitisers to continue supporting the fight against Covid-19 both at a local and global level.