Staff Top Picks

In-between riding bikes, we asked the Muc-Off Crew what their essential product is that they can't go without. Check out staff top picks and snag 30% off for the Easter Sale.

"OG Nano Tech - it's like a fine wine (but don't drink it). Riders serious about cleaning can top it back up with Concentrate or Punk Powder to save some "

"Silicon Shine - Smells beautiful, makes everything look bling"

"Absorbent mat all day long, or Chamois Cream for comfort in the nether regions 👀"

"Drivetrain Cleaner. Nothing beats it!"

"Disc brake cleaner - cleans rotors & components, melts away gunk"

"HCB-1 for sure, protects my pride and joy over winter, even the BBQ (outer bit only)"