In the summer of 2018, Matt Jones must dig deep to fight against his worst nightmare, a diabolical, maniacal beast, who preys on innocent MTB riders........

Starring Matt "might be Jono but we're not sure" Jones. Set in a dark forest, where mere mortals fear to tread, somewhere near the A362.

It is a warm summers day, the type of day where any MTB rider would be happy to wonder alone into the woods. But today is no ordinary summers day.

Matt "We’re still not 100% we picked the right brother" Jones, didn’t think his day would be any different, as he strolled happily to his local trails. Little did he know that he unwillingly wandered into the woods that are haunted by a maleficent creature, known only as Muccy the Clown.

Not since Rogatkin took on Rheeder at Crankworx Whistler, has there been a fiercer battle. Armed only with a convenient pouch of Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle Tubeless sealant (which seems like a bit of a rookie move by the clown, seeing as he’s supposed to be stealing souls) Matt has only one choice to survive this demonic encounter. Don’t. Get. A puncture.

Muccy is not just an ordinary clown. He makes Pennywise look like a reject from a kids party. And he is not about to let Matt "can anyone clarify which brother is actually which" Jones get away with his life. Using his centuries worth of soul harvesting experience, Muccy will go to any lengths to give Matt a puncture so he cannot escape this nightmare.

But, Muccy has made a grave mistake by giving Matt "has anyone seen both brothers at the same time" Jones, a pouch of the Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant. Tested by the world’s best riders and under the most brutal conditions, Muccy will need to use all his soul harvesting skills to give Matt a puncture beyond 6mm.

Through every trap that Muccy has set, Matt keeps going. He hits nails. Glass. Even barbed wire. But Matt never gets a flat. No matter what Muccy does, the sealant keeps going.

Does Matt defeat the clown? Should we have spent more time thinking of a better name than Muccy? Did you just read this whole synopsis and realise we might be trying to sell you a product? Is our Tubeless Sealant really worth dressing up our Athlete manager as a clown?

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