Why Clean, Protect & Lube Your Bike?

Don't know where to start? Then we're here to help! Check out our video, where our in-house bike mechanic Rob, will talk you through our famous Clean, Protect & Lube process.


Simply put, a clean bike rides better and lasts longer. By cleaning your bike regularly, you'll reduce the likelihood of mechanicals and needing to buy replacement parts - saving you money in the long run!

A clean bike is a fast bike! To get the most out of any bike, it needs to be clean. Keeping the muck and grime at bay will make your bike more efficient and therefore faster.

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Applying protection regularly to your trusted steed will help to create a protective layer, keeping that dreaded rust and corrosion at bay. It'll also help to repel dirt and stop grime build up – meaning more riding and less cleaning!

Get that factory fresh look! Our Protection range will also help to remove imperfections and minor scratches on both your frame and componentry.

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A well-lubed chain will help to increase the precision of your gear shifting, helping to engage the gear you want when you need it. It'll also help to reduce friction, meaning less of your effort is wasted through mechanical inefficiency.

Keep rust and corrosion at bay. Bike lube helps to create protective layer on your bike's drivetrain, preventing rust and corrosion from forming.

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